Our heart is to provide love and support to both inmate and officer. We provide training for volunteers to effectively share God’s grace one-on-one with prisoners, and we also provide support and care for the officers and staff.

As guards and staff focus on others, sometimes their own problems and suffering are overlooked. The demands of these jobs and the sacrifices made often lead to family issues where the divorce rate is over 70 percent among these workers. This is where The Winning Edge steps in through events like Staff Appreciation Days, BBQ Events, Christmas donations for officer’s families and providing counseling resources, The Winning Edge makes sure these hard-working, underpaid prison officials know that someone cares.

Many inmates simply do not go to the services provided in the prison/jail chapels. The Winning Edge brings a unique opportunity to bring the gospel to them in the most accessible way. Through two-day events (Friday/Saturday), we provide entertainment actually on the prison recreational yards. These events feature bands, NASCAR, motorcycles and other entertainment followed by a time of sharing by special guests which may include professional sports players or even former convicts. The event wraps up with volunteers available to share small pamphlets that explain the Gospel of forgiveness to the inmates.

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