Today’s schools face multiple challenges for students, teachers and staff.  The Winning Edge provides comprehensive support to address the needs of all those involved in the education and care of this generation.

The Winning Edge presentations work well in conjunction with existing school programs like Anti-Bullying, Red-Ribbon Week, State Testing Prep, Attendance/Drop out, as well as Safe & Drug Free programs.  We also provide Teacher Workshops and Staff Development assistance.

The Winning Edge provides a 50 minute program generally held in the school gym or auditorium.  Speakers provide information and motivation within various themes including:

  • Importance of Academic Excellence
  • Respect and Responsibility
  • The Power of Choice/ Choosing Friends
  • Accomplishing Dreams & Goals
  • Bullying
  • Drugs and Depression

As part of these inspirational sessions, each student receives a “Response Card” to fill out.  These are collected and then read by volunteer retired teachers/counselors, who look for any red-flags in the student responses.  These may include student indications of depression, suicidal or violent thoughts or even self-harm.  These notes are reported back to the school within 24 hours.

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